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A few words about bullying...

So, yeah, this is my second blog.
A lot of you know that I have a podcast called Cosmic Potato. When I created the website,, I carved out a bit of space for blogging. I couldn’t create a website and not give myself a creative outlet to post about what I’m thinking and so forth. So, “Shawn’s Notebook” is there on the website. I’ve put a few posts there but I’ve recently noticed that I’m hesitant to post anything that doesn’t have to do with entertainment since that’s what the show is about. I’ve been afraid that our listeners won’t really be interested in what’s happening in my private life or what my view is on a certain issue. And if my views are radically different it could possibly cost me a listener or two.
So, along comes the idea for this blog. This will be the place that I post about being a dad and a husband and all that more personal stuff. The blog over on the website will be reserved for talking about film, television, books, and things like that.
And to b…