If Our Marriage Were A Person

As I got ready for bed last night I looked at you and made a joke.

“Tomorrow our marriage will be old enough to drive.”

I said it to be funny, but it made me think. What would our marriage be like if it were a person?

Our marriage would definitely be a girl. I say that because it is strong…sometimes stubborn…but has a lot of moments of sweetness. She would have long dark hair. Women with dark hair are hardworking. They don’t back down when things get tough. They’re the ones that roll up their sleeves.

Her eyes would be as blue as the sky on a crisp and cool autumn day. The paleness of her eyes would seem to be able to look through you, into your soul. She would be able to see who you are and you would not be able to hide anything from her. This is because of the openness of our marriage. We don’t hide who we are from each other.

She would be emotional. When times were bad she would wear her heart on her sleeve. She would fly at you like a hawk if she felt threatened by you. If you hurt her she would sulk for days. But she would also be the most loyal person that you’d ever met. She would never walk away from you when you needed her. Even in those moments that you didn’t even know that you needed her.

She would be a funny girl. She would like to have fun and she would tease you all of the time. But when things were difficult she would be the first one to wrap her arms around you and tell you that it was going to be okay.

At sixteen years old, she would seem much older. She would have knowledge of things way beyond her years. The time that she has been alive has been wonderful. She didn’t know much during that magical time that she was a baby. But over the years she has learned so much. But she knows that she’s not an expert. She knows that there is still so much of her life left and so many things left for her to learn.

Most of all, she would still be very young. Even though so many things have happened to her and she’s learned so much she would only be sixteen. She’s still a child.

This year was very difficult for her. People that she loved have died. Other people that she depended on have let her down. She has had her heart broken in more than one way and wounds are still raw. But at no time during the pain did she feel weak. Her heartbeat is stronger now than it has been in her entire life.

If our marriage were a person she’d be one dynamite young lady!

Happy Anniversary, Baby. I love you.

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