Hi! I'm Shawn Wray, host of Cosmic Potato: The Super Fantalk Podcast. That show is my primary outlet to talk about all the nerdy things that I love like movies, TV, books, and comics. I get it all out of my system when I sit down and chat with one of my panel of co-hosts and any special guests that I may bring on.

I host a couple of other shows that are not released on a set schedule. Shriniking Shawn is all about my ongoing battle with food addiction. Life In Stripes is a show that I co-host with my wife, Sherri, and it is all about being a family that deals with CVID and other immune system disorders.

This website is my blog. So, you're going to get a wide variety of topics depending on what I'm thinking about at the time. Some days you may see a simple review of a movie or TV show that I just watched. Later that week you may get a rant on something that I'm dealing with in my personal life. But the title is true. My kids' dad truly is a geek.

You can find the website for my flagship show, Cosmic Potato, at cosmicpotato.com. The sites for the other two shows are currently under construction. But I will post links to them as they come online.

Thanks. And if you'd like to email me directly you can do that at shawnwray@cosmicpotato.com.

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